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Broomfield Parish Council now has a new website at the following address:

Proposal for Pylons through Broomfield Parish

In June, the Parish Council made a very thorough response to the proposal by National Grid to build a high-voltage power line, using 50m high pylons, to the west of the village.

We made the following points:

  • the Council supports the expansion of green energy and creating the necessary infrastructure to get it from the North Sea to London however, National Grid has only given one option for doing so.  To get the best outcome, there must be a range of options and the public must have a real choice.
  • we think there are strong arguments in favour of an off-shore grid, so that future energy generation in the North Sea can be ‘plugged in’ to a network linking it to London and the South East.  This should have been an option in the consultation.
  • more genuine options for onland routes should have been given too.  We don’t think National Grid have followed their own criteria correctly in choosing the route west of Broomfield
  • the Council is very concerned about the impact of 50 m high pylons on the sensitive landscape and high-quality farmland west of Broomfield.

You can read the full response here (warning: it is quite long and there are several appendices!).

You can read about the pylon proposals on the National Grid website here:

Once again, we got together with neighbouring parishes and also put in a joint response with them to give our communities more clout.  Chelmsford City Council and Essex County Council have also objected to the proposals, for broadly similar reasons.

If you want any further information, please drop us a line at [email protected] or call in to the Parish Office.

Nominate a pothole for repair.

An initiative has been launched by Essex County Council that allows each County Councillor to nominate a number of potholes for repair. Our County Councillor,  Mike Steel, has allocated three for repair in Broomfield.  An opportunity is provided to residents to nominate potholes that they consider are in need of repair. The nominated three potholes will be repaired between June and the end of the year. As we are likely to receive a number of suggestions, please note that the final three will be assessed on the impact they are having due to their location, size and any other relevant considerations.

Send your nominations to:

[email protected]  with as much detail as possible, including a precise location and a photograph if possible.

Happy Retirement!

Our deputy Parish Clerk, Wendy Martin, who I’m sure many of you will know, has decided to retire after more than 32 years of loyal service to the Parish Council. Wendy’s last working day will be Wednesday 1st June.

We wish Wendy every happiness in her retirement!

National Grid Consultation about Pylon Route in Broomfield and the Walthams


The National Grid has just begun a consultation about a high voltage power line from Norwich to Tilbury.  The initial proposal is for pylons to take this power line through Broomfield and the Walthams to Writtle and beyond.  See the map – the purple shaded area is the approximate new route and the blue line is the existing route.  For more info, please go to:  Also there is a consultation event on Tuesday 24 May 11am-5.30pm Writtle Village Hall, 18 The Green, Writtle, Chelmsford CM1 3DU

Broomfield Parish Council will be studying the plans and deciding how to respond.  If you’d like to tell us your views or hear from us on this and/or other planning matters, please e-mail us at: [email protected]

Transport and Travel Update

Major Changes to First Essex Bus Network

There are substantial network changes to both routes and timetables with effect from Sunday 17 April.

These changes are in response to the change in travel habits. Some buses will run earlier and later in the day, some more/less often and there will be new networks in the Basildon, Chelmsford and Colchester areas.

See further information on the First Essex Buses website.

As well as other changes, routes 40, 42, 45, 51, 54, 56, 57 (and their variants) are to be withdrawn and replaced by the new Chelmsford shuttle network. Further information about the changes affecting Chelmsford can be found here.

To receive updates on any news or changes to bus services, register here.


At the most recent meeting of Broomfield Parish Council, Chairman, Councillor Margaret Bleet, produced a list of the achievements  that the hard work of your Parish Councillors has delivered for the residents of Broomfield over the last ten months or so.  The list is reproduced below. If you would like to know anything further about any of these initiatives, please contact the Broomfield Parish Clerk, Mark Hembury at the following email address – [email protected]

Broomfield Parish Council is pleased to announce that a new Council Logo has been approved. The logo is a result of a competition in which pupils at Chelmer Valley High School were asked to submit designs that would provide a recognisable logo with a clear link to the village and which would feature prominently on the Parish Council website and all associated documents and correspondence. The two variations that were chosen are shown below. No doubt many will recognise the representation of the unique  Anglo Saxon jewel found locally….

A prizegiving ceremony will take place shortly in the village hall for the competition winners, runners up, and those whose entries received commendations. Details to be announced shortly.



Stay ‘n’ Play is back!

Broomfield Village Hall

Mondays from 6th September

9.15 am to 11.15 am

£3 per child or £5 per family

Healthy fruit options

Tea, Coffee and Toast

Included in Price!

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Report from the Chairman of the Village Amenities Committee

The following report highlights the work being done on behalf of residents of Broomfield by the Parish Council Amenities Committee.

Chairman’s Report – Village Amenities – 28 July 2021

Cycle Hire Scheme

With new cycle routes being installed around Broomfield, an initial discussion took place regarding a cycle rent scheme via an app “”.  This could coincide with a new cycle shelter being installed at the Village Hall.  The committee welcomed the idea to promote more cycling.  Discussions will continue.

Allotment Site

The secretary of the National Allotment Association is coming to talk to plot holders and interested councillors on Thursday 5th August, to give information regarding the benefits of joining a formal Association.  It was suggested that gazebos be erected in case of rain.

Play Area

Due to the overwhelming success of the newly refurbished play area, the grassed area has not had a chance to regrow.  The committee are awaiting quotes for artificial grass to be laid, which will also deal with any tripping hazards.

Sadly, it appears that the rope ladder on the Jolly Rainbow ship has been purposefully damaged.  A temporary repair was carried out, but this has been removed.  Our village attendant has made safe in order that the ship can still be used. After discussion it was decided that CCTV around the Village Hall will need to be extended to reach all areas of the playground.  This item will be placed on the next Village Hall meeting agenda.

The basket swing has been removed after a playground inspection showed that there may not be adequate room.  It was agreed that our deputy clerk will contact CCC in order that they can give an independent opinion.

It was unanimously agreed that a notice board be placed behind the bench in the playground, which will include emergency contact details and events taking place on Angel Meadow.


Litter around Broomfield continues to be on the agenda.  It was suggested via FB that we should install more litter bins.  It was mentioned that a bin at Skerry Rise is needed.  However, this does not come under Broomfield.  It was also suggested the bin outside the Methodist Church be replaced.  Cllr Steed agreed to discuss with the Church.

Our next litter pick is due to take place on Saturday 11th September, as advertised in Broomfield Times.  Cakes and beverages to be provided and will be promoted on Face Book.


Sites for planting trees were discussed and a map of the area will be forwarded to councillors of potential sites.  Physical meetings will then take place.  “Forest Initiative” offered to supply trees and our deputy clerk was requested to ascertain how tall the trees are.

Broomfield in Bloom

A long time in the making, the pandemic thwarted our early plans.  However, it is great to note that Broomfield in Bloom project has taken off.  The first eight planters installed at Butlers Close, Post Office Road, Vellacotts, Erick Avenue, Shalford Lodge and at Madelayne Court have received some lovely comments.  A big thank you was given to Essex Youth Build for working with BPC to get the planters made, for our village attendant who oiled them, lined them, and installed them.  It was unanimously agreed that further planters will now be installed and advertised in the Broomfield Times.

Church Green

The bench on Church Green needs to be moved due to safety concerns.  A suitable area will be decided by the committee shortly.

Angel Meadow

Future use of Angel Meadow was discussed.  Our Parish Council Chairman will contact BFC to ascertain how much use of Angel Meadow they will require over the coming year.


It was noted what a great job David Thomas (Parish Paths Partnership) made of clearing Sweeps Walk footpath.

Centenary Wood

It was unanimously agreed to accept a quote for trees in Centenary Wood to be thinned out and coppicing of the top half to encourage ground level growth.  Work will be completed by mid-winter.


Sue Hubble

Chairman Village Amenities

Broomfield Hospital Cycle Scheme

For the latest news on the construction of a cycleway between Broomfield Hospital and Goulton Road, see the attached letter being issued to residents by Essex Highways.

Letter to residents

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Boundary Commission Proposals

The Boundary Commission is currently reviewing the boundaries of a number of parliamentary constituencies – one such constituency includes the parish of Broomfield. Residents are encouraged to make their views known on the proposed change by visiting the website below….


Boundary Commission

Fun Day July 11th 2021 is  postponed

See the latest update on the Fun day, below.

We have spent a long time trying to make this event happen and are very sad about having to postpone. Sue Hubble and the team have worked extremely hard putting this together and we are all disappointed for them.
We are making this decision for the following reasons:

1.  We were using Chelmsford Carnival as a gauge, it has now been postponed until August.
2.  COVID data in Chelmsford is not high, however It is going up very fast.

As you know this event was to celebrate the end of lockdown which is now delayed.  We are talking with Broomfield Football Club about a new date.   See you then.

As soon as any further update is available, it will be posted here on the Broomfield Parish Council website.

Broomfield Village Hall Fun Day  –  Sunday 11th July

Following concerns raised by a local resident regarding the presence of an animal zoo at the Fun Day, Councillor Sue Hubble has issued the following statement to reassure residents –

Many people within our community have concerns about animal welfare.  The Broomfield Fun Day Committee would like to re-assure everyone that we take animal welfare very seriously.

James, Craig, and Jade absolutely love and care for all the animals they have taken under their wing.  80% of the animals have been rescued and now given their forever homes.  The animals are never used at an event unless they are showing signs that they are coping well.  None of the animals are kept in constant transport and are always returned to their permanent homes after an event.  They are always transported in clean and sanitary conditions.  Their sheep have no commercial value and live with them in their permanent homes.

At our last Fun Day in 2018, the animal zoo was a part of our event and I witnessed first-hand the tender handling of the animals and the obvious care that had been taken to keep them well.  They were only present for two hours, under gazebos and they had enough assistance to ensure that their welfare was not neglected.

The animals will not be on the field where the main noisy events occur but on an adjacent field.

The donkeys will be based under gazebos with plenty of fresh water and sufficient rests between rides.  No person over 4 ft or weighing more than 6 stone will be allowed to ride a donkey.  If they look heavier or taller, they will not be allowed a ride!

Chelmsford City Council visit the Livery House on an annual basis to check the health, wellbeing and living conditions of the donkeys before granting a licence.  Without a Licence they will not get insurance.   We have in our possession copies of the insurance documentation and current Licence.

Again, the donkeys have been a part of our event since 2015.  There has never been a complaint against their welfare as they have always looked healthy, well fed, and rested.  I have witnessed people being turned away and to come back later, because the donkeys have not yet had sufficient rest.

We receive no financial benefit whatsoever in respect of the animal zoo or the donkeys. Our only motive is to bring enjoyment to our community.

Cllr Sue Hubble

Essex County Council – Active Travel Consultation

Essex County Council is consulting on plans to extend walking and cycling routes in Chelmsford, to include connecting proposed routes to the existing infrastructure. Click on the link to see the details and take the opportunity to share your views….

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See the latest message below from Parish Council Chairman, Councillor Margaret Bleet.


May update from Chairman of Broomfield Parish Council

Hello everyone, at the Annual Meeting I was voted in as Chairman of the Parish Council.  I am currently speaking with each Parish Councillor and member of staff, about what they are proud of and what they would like to see done and what they think could help you all as lockdown eases.   I look forward to meeting many of you very soon.
We have already found one opportunity for all of you to celebrate the end of lockdown, we have joined with Broomfield Football Club to put on a

Funday on Sunday 11th of July, 2021.

For many years BPC have put on a fun packed day for the community.  It was devastating when in 2020 all our arrangements stalled for the pandemic.  In 2021, we were hanging on to Professor Whitty and Boris’s every word to see if there was light at the end of the tunnel.  “Shall we arrange to go ahead on the usual second Sunday in July? Should we wait until September?  Shall we wait until 2022?”  We were already in April and we normally spend 10 months arranging.  Short of our usual volunteers, we approached Broomfield Football Club and asked for their help.  They were only too pleased to help us in any way they could and hence we are hoping to give the community the best day out!

On David Smith field there will be an exotic animal zoo as it proved so popular in 2018.  On Angel Meadow there will be the usual fun stalls of the Human Fruit Machine, crockery smash, coconut shy, splat the rat, tombola, raffles and craft stalls.  There will be events going on such as Shimmy n Groove, Line Dancing and this year for the first time we will have the pleasure of hosting Dance 21!  Dazza our wonderful DJ and MC from Chelmsford Community Radio is now making his third appearance!

There will also be a Pimms No. 1 Stall and Cheerful Chai will be providing tea, cake and Eastern Options!  There will also be a BBQ and I am sure the smell of burgers and sausages cooking over charcoal will be far too tempting to resist!

Donkey rides will take place between Angel Meadow and the Football Club’s fields, where tournaments will be taking place from 9 am to 5 pm with a big emphasis on the girls’ football teams!  Here you will be able to relax, watch your favourite team whilst munching on a tasty burger and hotdog, washed down with a glass or two of your favourite tipple!  Enjoy!


We look forward to seeing you there, this is the first time that we have joined with Broomfield Football Club for this event and we hope to repeat that every year.

Consultation on Land South of Broomfield Place:  Interim Results

In March and April, the Neighbourhood Plan Group carried out this survey to discover residents’ views.  Click here to see the consultation leaflet, which explains all the background.

We’re still processing the additional comments – as these are open-ended free text, they take a long time to classify.  However, we want to share with you the results so far.

We received 423 responses in total, on paper or by e-mail or online.  These reflect the views of 806 people, as many people filled out the form jointly as a couple, family etc.  We’re very grateful to every resident who responded, giving us a good response rate for this type of survey.

The main question was:

Do you support the ECC Proposal for New Open Green Space and Community Buildings on their land south of Broomfield Place?

Strongly Support 48%
Support 40%
Oppose 4%
Strongly Oppose 5%
No Opinion 3%
TOTAL 100%

These percentages are based on the number of responses received, but they are almost the same if you base it on the total number of people responding.

What people like and dislike about the County Council’s Proposal

So far, the main things that people seem to like are:

  • The large amount of green open space, with unspoilt natural environment
  • The access for the local community and the overall community focus
  • The provision for vulnerable people and people with disabilities and their carers.

So far, there are few dislikes in comparison.  Where expressed, the main concern is about traffic and access.

We asked if people had views about the use of the semi-wild woodland area behind Broomfield Place house and garden.  So far, the main preference is for it to be left wild or semi-wild.

As we finish going through all the general comments, further views may well emerge.  As soon as we complete the work, we will put a full report on this website.

Once again, thanks to everyone who took part in this consultation.

Broomfield Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

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Parish Chairman’s latest Blog.

Broomfield Parish Chairman’s Blog April 2021

Our meeting Thursday 22nd April had been slightly delayed by the week of mourning for Prince Philip but as usual was a full house of Councillors and a small group of Parishioners.
Visitors are very welcome and there is no reason why parishioners should not join us just to observe proceedings, however but we do find it a little rude if people insist on keeping their audio and video switched off and refuse to respond to invitations to at least introduce themselves.
We believe that there is nothing we can do about that but it is just worth mentioning.

Sadly, Monica McKie decided to resign as a Councillor following our last meeting but we were lucky that Gloria Scott a long-standing resident had expressed an interest in getting involved. Gloria has fantastic experience from the various roles that she has held in the past so I am sure that she will be a very valuable addition to the team. Gloria was unanimously elected to the Council.

This was Cllr John Aldridge’s, our representative at Essex County Council, last meeting as he is not standing for re-election to Essex in May. John has represented Broomfield for 16 years and has been a very important supporter and wise counsel during that time. We expect that whoever is elected in his place will serve us equally well but he or she will have big boots to fill. Thank you, John, most sincerely.

This meeting was our first after the opening of the recently refurbished playground at the Village Hall. It has been very well received and rightly so, as it is a huge improvement on its predecessor. We all have to thank Cllr Sue Hubble and the Village Amenities team for all the hard work that went into the project but also our Village Attendant Stuart Jones who skilfully and diligently project managed the work.

We were able to confirm 3 grants to local projects.
We had previously set aside £2,000 to support the all-weather sports facility at Chelmer Valley High School subject to receiving more information on how it would be used by the wider community. We have now received a very detailed update so that grant has now been confirmed.
Last year we supported the Copland Almshouse Charity to install replacement windows in their 4 houses in School Lane. Following on from that project they now plan to replace the doors to make the properties warmer and more secure. We are delighted that we are able to support this important asset for the Village with another grant of £2,000 to supplement their own investment.
It is not well known but a group who support parents who have lost babies have been given a small piece of land behind the Methodist Church to develop a quiet garden for parents to visit. 3B’s, Broomfield Baby Bereavement, have approached us for a grant to further develop the garden with more trees, plants and decoration. We are very pleased to be able to set aside a budget of up £1,000 to support this very valuable facility in the Village.

Work on the Neighbourhood Plan continues, Cllr John Blake presented another draft section of the plan to the Councillors covering the Housing Needs Assessment for the area. Work is on schedule to present a full plan for wider consultation by the summer. This is a hugely important piece of work which will give the people of Broomfield tangible input into the planning process for years to come.

The Youth Club team working group have been working hard to progress this much needed project. They have received a great deal of input from Villagers that has been considered and responded too. Although there would appear to be general support for greater facilities for young people there seems to objections to using a de-mountable building and to erecting this on any of our green space. There seems to be a strong feeling that we should look at extending the Village Hall to create an autonomous space. In the summer of last year, as a completely separate idea, we allocated some funds for an Architect to draw up plans for how we might extend the building. His proposal was to extend out towards the playpark and fill in the front of the building. That is very interesting and remains a strong idea for further consideration but would not have met the needs of a Youth Club. The Working Group have therefore looked at the option of extending out at the Angel Lane end of the building which gives a cleaner space with more logical access to the kitchen and toilet facilities. An extension has various advantages but includes a greater opportunity for the space to be used by other Village Groups when not in use by the Youth Club. We are therefore now thinking of the project as a Multi-Purpose Youth Facility. The group have obtained a quote from our Architect to take this idea to planning in two steps. We had already allocated a budget for professional fees of £1,000 but needed to increase this to £2,500 to produce the plans if we chose to proceed to planning. No decisions have been made, as to how to proceed, but what this does is enable us to consider, in parallel, a more temporary de-mountable building against a permanent multi-purpose extension. The majority of your Councillors remain firmly supportive of pushing forward facilities for young people but one Councillor does consider this option to be a waste of public money so sadly the proposal was carried with one vote against.

Finally on a personal note I have advised the Council that after 4 years as Chair I have decided that it is time to hand over the reigns to somebody else. I will not therefore be putting myself forward as Chair at our Annual Meeting in May. I am very proud of everything we have achieved since I have had the privilege to be Chair but the time is now right. We have a very strong Council and a number of very able candidates to take over.

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Playground re-opening

Thursday 1st April saw the opening of the newly refurbished Angel Meadow childrens playground. Lucy and Thomas can be seen cutting the ribbon on the gate and revealing the name they chose as the reward for winning the competition to name the playground ship – The Jolly Rainbow. Ideal weather over the Easter school holiday period meant that many children and parents were able to explore the variety of equipment in the playground. The investment made by Broomfield Parish Council will ensure that this facility can be enjoyed for many years to come.

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This summer, we’ll publish the draft Broomfield Neighbourhood Plan: a Blueprint for Broomfield.  It will start a 6-week consultation so that everyone can have their say.  When it is finally agreed, the Plan will have a major influence on the future of our village over the next 15 – 20 years.  So, it’s worth getting involved and having your say. Click here to find out more.

New Youth Club for Broomfield?

There has been a lot of discussion about the potential new youth club for the parish,

Click here to read the questions and answers.

Council objects to 550 home estate North of Broomfield.

Broomfield Parish Council has put in a thorough response to a planning application for 550 dwellings north of Broomfield, between the Hospital and Blasford Hill.  You can read it here.

Like most planning documents, it is long and quite complicated, so here are the main points:

  1. 550 dwellings is far too many for the site, which is only meant to have around 450.
  2. The additional traffic will add to the existing severe traffic problems on Main Road
  3. The development is supposed to include provision of a new access into Broomfield Hospital.  This must be included in the application and the Council would like it to be multi-use, not restricted to staff, deliveries etc
  4. The development should include a substantial tree belt to screen it from the higher land to the west and to act as a wildlife corridor.

We cannot object to it being around 450 houses, because city councillors have already approved this as part of the new Chelmsford Local Plan. But we have objected to the additional 100 houses. To read the full report, click here.

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Many of you will have seen first-hand, or on social media, the serious damage that has been done to some of the trees in Centenary Wood. This is not the first example of vandalism in recent weeks, two other recently planted trees were snapped off and some young men used a picnic table as a place to use their disposable barbeques causing considerable damage.

We have reported these incidents to Chelmsford Police but they are unable to help. There is very little we can do about this other than issue a plea for information.

In the first example mentioned above, people were stripping the bark from some trees and carving their initials into another. It is perfectly possible that these initials were not their own, but the photographs that one Parishioner put on social media did bring forward information linking the initials with the names of teenagers from the village who apparently attend Chelmer Valley High School. We were about to write to the Head Teacher to keep her aware of what had happened, but before that letter was sent we received a letter of apology. It came from two individuals expressing deep regret for the damage that they had caused and enclosing a contribution towards the cost of the damage. The next time you visit the nature reserve, you will see a sturdy new bridge over the brook. A much-needed improvement which was partly paid-for by this money.

While the contribution was appreciated and has been put to good use, the trees were living things and the damage cannot be repaired; we can only hope that some of them may recover. That said;  it is good to see that someone has come forward, apologised, accepted responsibility and contributed to financial restitution. We respect that they had the courage to do that and hope we can all learn from the experience.

What does the Parish have to say about Bloor Homes masterplan?

Quite a lot. The Parish Council has been on the case with this development since 2015. We’ve managed to get it reduced from 1,500 dwellings – first to 800 and then to 450.  It’s likely that the development will go ahead, so now the Council is trying to ensure that we get the best possible outcome for Broomfield, especially regarding traffic and the environment. That’s why the Council’s response is thorough, carefully argued and inevitably quite long.

If you just want a quick introduction, click here for a sneak preview of the article which will be in the next edition of the Broomfield Times.  But click here if you’d like to read the Council’s full consultation response . It’s a long read and includes sections on;  why the promised link road into the Hospital must happen, why the promised improvements to the B1008 (Main Road and Blasford Hill) must happen, how a significant number of homes could be for the active retired, closer to the bus route along the B1008,  and the need for new woodland along the western edge of the site, to screen it from the countryside and provide an amenity for existing residents (human and animal!) as well as the new residents.

As well as the words, there are the maps which should help you make sense of it all.

Finally, as the development crosses into Little Waltham, the two parishes have been working together and will continue to do so.  You can read the memorandum of understanding here – this helps us all to speak with one voice.

Tell us if you think we’ve missed anything!

The latest Chairman’s blog has been published. Click here to read about some potential futures for the library, and why you should always give-way at junctions in the village.

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Local government for the Parish of Broomfield