A clean sweep

Brush for Broomfield!

Frustrated at the time it takes for new gravel to bed down, Broomfield Parish Councillors have taken things into their own hands – literally – and were out this morning ‘Brushing for Broomfield’.  And they’ll be out again over the weekend, so please come and give them a hand!

Once it’s properly settled down, the new gravel surface will be safer than the old smooth surface, as it offers a better grip.  The problem has been the amount of gravel that was put on.

Our contractor took off the bulk of this by machine recently, but that still left some excess on the surface.  We’ve been advised that over the winter this excess will be washed and  walked off, but we weren’t prepared to wait.

Chair of the Village Hall Committee Angie Faulds led the ‘Brushing for Broomfield’ today.  She said ‘It’s a great facility for our village and we want it back in action as soon as possible.  We’re frustrated that it’s taken so long and we’re not prepared to just wait for nature to take its course over the winter.’

As you can, sweeping off the excess gravel makes a big difference. Once swept, the hard, compacted gravel gives an excellent non-slip surface.

But we need your help!

Parish councillors are already chock-a-block with the work they do for the village, so any help will be gratefully received!  We’re brushing again this weekend (14th/15th Nov), weather permitting.

Lockdown restrictions allow activities for ‘voluntary or charitable’ purposes, but we will also allocate you/your household a specific bit of path to brush so that you can stay at least 2m apart from others.  Of course, please don’t come if you are or feel particularly vulnerable to Covid.

If you can come, just watch our Facebook page for times and help us Brush for Broomfield!  All you need is some energy and a stiff yard broom.

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