The Submissions

Here you can read the Parish Council’s submission to the City Councils Issues and Options Consultation, together with the Traffic Report commissioned by Broomfield, Chignal and Little Waltham Parish Councils, and some select other entries.

All text in red is a link to a downloadable PDF file.

1) The Broomfield Parish Council Submission

the above link is the full document; the below attachments were submitted along with it

Attachment 1: Re Question 22 – Letter to David Green from Gareth Gunning about Landscape

Attachment 2: Re Question 22 – Statement of Common Ground by Chelmsford Borough Council and Broomfield, Great Waltham and Little Waltham Parish Councils presented to the Examination in Public of the North Chelmsford Area Action Plan, January 2011

Attachment 3: Re Question 23 – Alternative Locations/Sites East of Chelmsford

Attachment 4: Re Question 24 – A Potential Second Access Road to Broomfield Hospital, should one be required (as oppposed to the one proposed in Options 1, 2 and 3).

2) Traffic Study

3) Submission from County Councillor Aldridge

4) Submission from Skip Catley

Skip includes some wonderful history of his early years in Broomfield

Local government for the Parish of Broomfield