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Option 1 1500 Houses
Option 2 1250 Houses
Option 3 750 Houses

Chelmsford City Council is holding a public consultation on it’s 3 options for the next round of housing development. All 3 options are bad for Broomfield, to varying degrees (1500, 1250 & 750 new houses respectively).

Please see the statement by John Blake, chairman of the Planning Committee for more information.

We need as many people as possible to join in with the consultation, to let the City Council know how much we treasure our countryside. Hopefully we can persuade them to keep the numbers of new houses as low as possible, and seek an option four.

Broomfield Parish Council is running a campaign of awareness to encourage people to fill-in consultaion forms. Help is available to anyone who is unsure how to do it during the consultaion period (19 November – 21 January). On 9 January 2016 we are holding an open day at the Village Hall, which we urge everyone to attend.

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Statement From John Blake
Situation Summary
Local Plan Options
The Consultation Form
Broomfield Needs You Leaflet
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21 January 2016

This is the date the consultation ends.
Please make sure you have returned your form to the City Council by then

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