Where is the Parish Council Office?

The Office is situated in the foyer of Broomfield Village Hall (behind The Angel PH) 158 Main Road, Broomfield CM1 7AH Tel 01245 441660

The Office is open from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm Mon/Weds/Fri

The Clerk, Michael Letch can be emailed on: [email protected]

Where can I get recycling bags from?

The Parish Council Office (Paper/Cardboard/Plastic/Dog Waste – but not food recycling bags)

Where can I purchase the Parish Country Stile Booklet (includes walks in & around Broomfield)

From the Parish Council Office for £3.50

I have not received my copy of Broomfield Times – who should I advise?

Please contact the Parish Council Office – telephone 441660 & we will ensure you receive one

Can I have any photo copying done?

Yes at the Parish Council Office 10p per A4 copy (can also copy in colour & up to A3 size)

How do I hire the Village Hall?

Please contact Kathryn or Steff on 01245 443902 (Mon Weds Fri 10.30-12.30) or visit the Parish Office

Or email: ([email protected])

How can I hire an allotment?

Please contact the Parish Council Office or

Email: Wendy Martin on [email protected]

How do I comment on a planning application?

Please click on the following link:


Or if you prefer please make your comments known to the Parish Council’s Planning Committee via the Clerk:

Email: [email protected]

How do I report a highway problem (eg potholes, broken pavement):

Please click on the following link:



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