Keep Broomfield Beautiful

antilitterLet’s Keep Broomfield Beautiful

Litter is getting to be a bit of a problem in the fields and footpaths around Broomfield. It is especially noticeable in Winter, when there is little vegetation around. Is your favourite walk blighted by rubbish?

How would you like to help keep your area looking lovely? We can provide you with a litter-picker and refuse sacks, so you can restore your favourite walk to it’s natural beauty. Our village attendant only cleans along the roads and BPC-owned open spaces, so if we want to keep our fields and footpaths tidy then it’s up to us.

Litter-pickers and sacks can be got from the council office at the village hallpicker

Dog-walkers, if you could pick-up just a few items of litter when you go out, your walk will be rubbish-free in no time.

Get the youngsters involved, they seem to enjoy it! It also does good for the local community and teaches a life lesson. May end-up costing a bag of sweets though.

litter1                litter2

Plenty of people already do pick-up litter around the fields without any recognition or thanks – so a huge THANK YOU to you all now. You are making Broomfield a much nicer place to live. Well done.

Local government for the Parish of Broomfield