Parish Plan & VDS


The Parish Plan was published in 2005 after an extensive survey of Broomfield residents in the last quarter of 2004. The purpose was to gather the thoughts of the people living in Broomfield about their likes and dislikes of the village, and how they would like to see it improved in the future.

The council still refers to this document as a blueprint when considering future strategy and spending.

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Village Design Statement


The VDS was produced in 2011 and updated in 2012; it’s aim is to help ensure that future development or modification of existing buildings and open spaces in Broomfield should integrate as well as possible.

A VDS is an important document which may influence the city council in planning considerations. This from the Chelmsford City Council website:

A Village Design Statement (VDS) looks at the village character and its surroundings, and what makes it different and special. It also gives guidance to make sure that any new development, or any other change, fits in with its local context.

The VDS is not about whether development should take place. Most importantly the VDS guidance influences all members of the community making changes to buildings and spaces.

Many of the VDS are adopted by the Council as informal guidance, but some have recently been adopted as part of the Local Development Framework. All are taken into account by planning officers when deciding planning applications

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Community Landscape Character Statement


The CLCS has strong links to the VDS and reflects the significance residents have placed on the Broomfield landscape

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Community Landscape Character Statement

Local government for the Parish of Broomfield