Adventure Cycleway

Probably the most exciting decision made last week was to proceed with the next phase of building the Adventure Cycleway.

This project started life as a recommendation from parishioners following an exhibition in the Village Hall on future projects that potentially be pursued and was seen as a facility for the young people of the village.

It has taken a long time and a great deal of work to bring it to fruition. For that we have to thank Councillor Trevor Jones who has put in many hours of work but also the office team. In addition, the officers at Chelmsford City Council have been very helpful and supportive in working with Trevor to design the best facility and help guide it though planning and identifying contractors. Chelmsford share our enthusiasm for a project which should be valuable to Broomfield but also the City as a whole.

Over time the project has developed from a basic cycle track to the addition of disabled access to both the track itself but also extended to further open up Centenary Wood. We have also added 25 extra public parking spaces and will be refurbishing the whole of the Village Hall carpark.

The total cost of this project is approximately £150,000, Trevor and his team have already secured £44,000 in grants and hope that more will be forthcoming. The balance is coming partially from Council reserves but also from CIL (Community Infrastructure Levies) which we are receiving from various developments around the village.

Contractors have been appointed and we all hope that work on Phase 1 of the development will start in the Autumn with everything being completed early in 2019.

Once again we owe great thanks to Trevor for his tremendous work in bringing this project to this stage.