October Parish Council meeting

The Parish Council held its most recent meeting on Wednesday 18th October. Click here for the draft minutes.

Unfortunately no members of the public attended. This is not unusual but it would be good if we did have the occasional visitor. There is no need to stay for the whole meeting as we open with a short session to allow Parishioners to make statements or ask questions. After that you would be free to leave if you wish.

The meeting covered various procedural matters but in addition made some two important decisions.

  • A small organisation called Broomfield Green Zone, led by Sarah Clark, is talking to the owners of a piece of land adjacent to Broomfield Primary School and 20 New Road. They plan to create a community garden to grow seasonal fruit and vegetables. The Council acknowledges that there is significant work yet to be done in bringing the project together including how it will be maintained going forward, but in principal we decided to offer the team our support.


  • The Council is also aware of problems caused by unlawful and inconsiderate parking around the village. We appreciate that our options may be limited but if we can improve the situation we want to do so. We are therefore delighted that Councillor Wendy Daden has volunteered to Chair a Working Party to work closely with The Clerk to investigate what options we have and to make recommendations for initiatives to manage and reduce the disruption caused. Other Councillors have offer to help but I am sure that Wendy would appreciate the input of other volunteers. If you are able to spare some time please contact Wendy through the Parish Office.



Refurbishing the partition in the Village Hall has unfortunately been delayed because of the contractors other commitments but we do hope that this work will be completed in November.

You may also be aware that after almost 4 years of work by the Parish Council we expect the improvements to the Erick Avenue crossing to be completed before Christmas. Councillor John Aldridge has actively supported this work and we should acknowledge his input.

Work continues on the Neighbourhood Plan. The committee have faced a huge job sifting through the high level of replies to the Survey and hope to be in a position to report on the results very soon.

Cllr Barnes – Chairman