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Crossing on Main Road near Erick Avenue



You will notice that some of the work has been done on the pedestrian crossing, but the work is still incomplete; there is a stretch of concrete that made the anticipated cabling connection impossible and a new trench was required for the pre-requisite cable duct. As an interim measure, the standard beacon and crank pole have been fitted while they await delivery of both the halo beacons and the non-standard longer crank poles which will project the beacons further into the drivers eye line than they are at present.





New use for old booth

Broomfield Parish Council have recently adopted a decommissioned red telephone box on Angel Green in the Parish. Chairman of the Civic Amenities Committee, Cllr Tranquada said that the Council did not wish to lose the box as it is architecturally part of the old village scene and we wanted to preserve the look and feel of the area by keeping it in the village’s possession. In the short term, the plan is to give the phone box a fresh lick of paint and put a temporary exhibit of old photos and other matters of local interest. The display is currently of a historic nature including old buildings then and now, but in future the box may be used for other exhibitions and as a place for local groups to showcase their activities.