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Crossing on Main Road near Erick Avenue



You will notice that some of the work has been done on the pedestrian crossing, but the work is still incomplete; there is a stretch of concrete that made the anticipated cabling connection impossible and a new trench was required for the pre-requisite cable duct. As an interim measure, the standard beacon and crank pole have been fitted while they await delivery of both the halo beacons and the non-standard longer crank poles which will project the beacons further into the drivers eye line than they are at present.





News from the Planning Committee Meeting on 1st November

The Parish councillors examined current planning applications in Broomfield and made recommendations to the City Council on behalf of the Parish.

The Committee also heard updates on the Neighbourhood Plan and the joint working group with neighbouring parish councils about Chelmsford’s Local Plan.  The next stage of the Local Plan will be revealed towards the end of November and the Councillors agreed to start getting baseline data together on air pollution on the Main Road/Broomfield Road corridor.

Finally, the Committee discussed new Government proposals on housebuilding and agreed that a response is needed as there is no reference to homelessness or social housing.  The Councillors are also concerned about the Government’s very market-driven approach will mean that areas in the South-East like Chelmsford will have to set even higher house building targets.

Draft minutes will be on the parish council website shortly. Our next meeting is on Wed 6th December, 7.30pm in the Parish Office.  Any Broomfield resident is welcome to attend.


Chelmsford Local Plan

Thanks to all residents who responded to the last round of consultation about the Chelmsford Local Plan (the ‘Preferred Option’ stage).  You can see what the Parish Council said by clicking on this link. The next round of consultation has been postponed until January.  At the moment, we don’t have any dates of consultation events etc.  We’ll let you know as soon as we do, so please watch this space. 

It’s the last chance to comment on the City Council’s plans (which include 800 dwellings north of Broomfield) before it all goes to a public enquiry (the Examination in Public).